Time to Thank My Special People Who are Behind My Career Trek

Coming out of college with a job offer is a blessing of god. I had been blessed with that gift. Just assume how much happy I would have been. But my bad luck, the job offer was from a BPO company which would give offer letter even to a school student for the same position. The moment I came to know about that news, my vision on my career went black. I seriously had no clue on what my future gotta be. I was needed to kick start my job hunting which is harder than a freedom struggle in these days.

Now I’m happy about what I’m today. There are plenty of people behind this who have supported, motivated, guided and helped me to reach this position. I would like to make the world know who they are. And the people are…

1. Prama raj

Chennai is an ideal choice for southern fresh graduates to kick start their job hunt. Of course, it was for me too. Earlier to that, I had visited Chennai twice in my life time and the one was at my 5th standard. Sea was the only sight I remembered. The next one is during my college second year which didn’t instructed any thing about Chennai. All my Chennai relatives were married and I couldn’t expect any support from them by any means.

Pramaraj! He was the man whom I approached to talk about my problem. My goodness, he too had planned to move Chennai and he had work experience at experience after his diploma studies. He arranged boarding at Chennai and we both roam around the city to get a job. Without him, my days would have been entirely different and even more complicated too. He is the very first man whom I should thank. Thank you pramaraj anna.

2. Sakthivel Raja

Who is your first boss? The one who offered you a job? Obviously No! The man who make you capable of deserving your profession is your boss. Here is my boss.

“You are a electrical engineer. But you say that you don’t like this profession. You blenderly  think that IT would be your ideal destination. Just think of today’s industry. It’s recession period. What the hell are you gonna do?” these were the questions that were shot against me by all my well wishers.

But there was a man who was ready to motivate me towards IT. He not just introduced me the world of web designing; but also tought me how to learn the relevant technologies. He used to teach me some Photoshop tools in the night and he will go to office. I will be practicing those tools in his own laptop. I still remember his appreciation for my very first flash animation.

3. Raju

During my college days, I had seen Raju as a guy who will always tease his neighbors. But later, I came to know about his helping mind, tendency towards work. In fact I referred him for my company called Think Flash for the position of PHP developer. He was the man who brought out my passion towards coding rather than tracing designs in Photoshop and styling a HTML. I started hating my job and decided to switch into PHP domain. But he cleverly tuned me by sharing his knowledge in IT industry. “Designing and coding are not the only profession; but also scripting is also there. Your talent suits better for UI scripting rather than back-end coding…” these were the words that fine-tuned my goal and trek towards it. I still remember his phone call for 2 continuous hours regarding my confusion in my career. In the end of call he said, “you are the first person in my life with whom I have spoken this much time and in this topic.” Thank you Raju.

4. Mariappan

I have had gentle relationship with Mariappan since my college days. But in the earlier days of my Chennai life I didn’t get enough opportunity to be in touch with him. In the mid of 2010 my company hardly needed a PHP developer who can be worth enough to take care of a project completely. Mariappan was the one whom I felt as a suitable person for that position. Unfortunately he refused to take that offer due to his career deviations. Solely for me, he agreed to train some one in PHP and that was the time I was in confusion in my career. So he started teaching me PHP.

Afterwards he motivated me a lot towards my goal. He is the one who he-lighted my hard-work and dedication towards success. Whenever I thank him for his help, his reply would be “I’m glad to help you. Keep disturbing me.” Thank you so much Mariappan for your overwhelming support and motivation.

5. Suresh & Jeyavenkat

Table based layout was the only thing I had known till mid of 2011. Raju was the man who introduced me to Jeya Venkat who referred me for Foursquare IT. That’s the very first place where I could meet seniors in my profession. Suresh Krishnamoorthy was my TL. Without his guideline, I wouldn’t have learnt advanced techniques in CSS and capability to use jQuery plugins. They were the people who tought me how to work on e-commerce websites and deal based websites. In the later days of my life at four square, Suresh became too close to me and I started call him as Anna. Unfortunately I could work with them for just two months, due to official problem over there.

6. Deepak Devadasan

Career growth is not just about what we work daily. In fact its all about what we learn everyday. Expecting someone to teach us everyday is a stupid thing. Then how do we can be upto date on trends in technology?

I got answer from this man. He trained me how to learn something new. If you talk with him for five minutes, you would have known something new in web technology. He is the one who introduced me learning resources like smashing magazine, noupe, delicious. He tought me important of user experience, what UI means, WordPress. I completely changed the way I approach a problem.

Whenever I visit smashing magazine, I used to thank him.

7. Contus Gang

The place, where I found ample of talents and dedications in my life was Contus. Here I got opportunity to work closer with Kanagaraj Kadarkarai, Vimal Raj, Victor and Vinoth. Every one were Senior Application Designers from whom I learnt a lot and lot. Kanagaraj was the one who thought me WordPress; Vimal thought me Magento; Victor was my first Team Leader and Vinoth showed the wings of creativity.

No one hesitated to teach what they had known. There was no politics between us. We used to conduct brainstorming season from which we have discovered plenty of new ideas and successfully transformed into solutions for real-time difficulties in our job. Few developers had envy on team our co-operation and knowledge sharing attitude.

Beyond being just a Colleague

It was the time all my college friends started moving to overseas. I almost felt I’m alone at Chennai. But these people took me into their gang and considered me as one of their friend, apart from just a colleague. Whenever we got chance, we started dining out together. They helped me financially and personally.

8. Juniors

I used to say, “One’s professional growth mutually depends on his seniors and juniors. Seniors answer your questions; juniors enable you to answer their questions.” In my last four years I got chance to work with few juniors and they are Vidhya Sagar, Benny, Sarika and now its Narmadha . In fact Vidhya Sagar got introduced as a junior then transformed into my boss in a matter of six months. No one can question like Sarika, without whom I wouldn’t get a elder sister in my Chennai life. She enabled me to answer a numerous questions. She the one who named me “Paragraph”. Benny… Matter of days. But we both get to know about our each other in the less span of time and still I’m in touch with him. Narmadha! Oh God! Its really tough to face such a bold girl still I’m answering most of her questions. Let’s how long I could sail on the senior trek.


Sharing a life of 5 years in an article is not practical. Still I managed my best to include most of my inspirations, motivators and guides. Once again, I thank all my seniors and juniors who have supported and keep supporting me in my day to day work.