The Way I Got My First Web Designer Job

The day we start a job as profession; the day we start our first earnings,  will be the day that starts shaping us. Even though I moved into Chennai in the mid of 2008, I was supposed to wait till 2nd Jan 2009 to kick start my career into my desired profession. I would like to write an article on the way I got my job as web designer

The poor start

Marketing executive, tele-caller, operations and maintenance engineer, production engineer, service engineer, data entry operator. Six months… Six different professions… Nothing could satisfy what my expectations where. I was simply jumping from one to another just like a monkey. My mom lost her hope on me and almost decided that agriculture would be the only profession that will suit me.

The preliminary practices

I had never known that my hobby will become my profession one day. Since my school days I had a hobby of drawing what ever I see in the books and magazines. When I was doing my sixth standard one of my cartoon was published in a popular magazine. Afterwords, I was keep drawing photos of historic persons whom ever I saw in social science book. That designing skills helped me a lot to learn Adobe Photoshop. Undoubtedly online tutorials played vital role in gathering knowledge about Adobe Photoshop and other designing tools. Even though we have stuff with us and materials in the lap, we need some experts to fine tune us into the right way. My senior friend Mr. Sakthivel Raja was the man who taught me the way I can learn Web Designing.

The turning point:

In the end of 2008 I got a chance to showcase my Photoshop design works to a start up design agency called “Think Flash”. The director, named Baskar K, admired about my design knowledge and offered me a job. Jan 2nd 2009 was the date of journey. A I was a fresher for that profession, I was supposed to involve me in both designing and marketing work. For a month I was completely into designing and after words I started supporting my marketing executives by explaining the technical aspects of a project to their clients. With two months of time, I had capable of handling a client and take care of his design needs. I enjoyed that job like any thing. I never looked out the clock in the evenings until I get satisfied with my contribution for company. From my first job I improved my skill sets in Adobe Photoshop, XHTML, CSS and of course I got great exposure in client management and problem solving skills.

That’s all about my first job and I would like to thank you for your interest on me and reading my article. I believe that it would have been interesting one for you. Wish you all a wonderful new year ahead! Happy new year 2013.

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  • Karthikeyan V

    Golden Line : “Never looked out the clock in the evenings until I get satisfied with my contribution for company.”

  • Anandharaj

    “Six months Six professions” it’s a really poor start and now you are a really achieved man. If any one who struggle with his initial carrier, on time of read up this blog he never be stuck at any point of his life… Really superb vel.. Keep going.. My best wishes towards your technical journey :)