The Way I Got My First Web Designer Job

The day we start a job as profession; the day we start our first earnings,  will be the day that starts shaping us. Even though I moved into Chennai in the mid of 2008, I was supposed to wait till 2nd Jan 2009 to kick start my career into my desired profession. I would like to write an article on the way I got my job as web designer Continue Reading

UX Designer! What, Why & How?

Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Front End Designer, Application Designer, Visualizer? I don’t have clue that what would be the suitable word to call.  But one thing is common “User Experience”.

UX DESIGNER!!! Wanna make your career into this? If  ”Yeah, but how?” is your answer, this article is especially for you.

Designer's life style

The major difference between the designer position will be the kind of project in which they will be involved. When it comes to technical stuffs, all are almost same. As User Experience is the most common word in all kind of designer profession, I would like to use UX-Designer throughout the article.

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5 Tips To Improve Your Design Skills

The right way to be a good designer is nothing other than following the correct steps and having a fast progress.

Its not the story of one night, but a long process. I’ve practiced so many things in multiple ways and keep practicing everyday. When I had a look at my practice in the last four years, I summarised five essential skill sets which will convert “a designer into good designer”. Continue Reading

My First Post in my blog

Finally the day has arrived.

Yeah! I’ve started blogging first time. Through my personal blog, I’m gonna share my personal experience in my profession “UX Design & UI Development” to the world. I’ve been into this profession for more than three years and I feel this is the right time to start blogging.

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