My days without my close friends

My life! It has been majorly with my friends, inspite of spending with my family , especially after my college life. I’m sure that I wouldn’t have been writing this article, if I was spending this weekend with my friends. Yes, my recent days are moving without my friends. Time and situation has taken my friends fare away from me. I never felt disturbed when my weekends where with my friends. But this weekend, I feel alone.

I’ve been surrounded with neighbors.  They smile at me every morning. They tries to be a friend of me. But I couldn’t match them with my friends. I had been isolated from my friends, when they where with me. I had engagged myself in multiple works when they where forcing to take me away for hangouts. Now I could feel how much I have missed them.

In my company, I have been witnessed as a calm guy who will never get tensed. But my friends only know what I am and my avatar of being angry man. Whatever may be the problem, my friends where my target. But they never took my words serious and understood why I am talking like that.

Now I have time to spare for entertainment, especially on weekends. But my weekends are being wasted with Facebook. There is a proverb, “you know the important of the shadow only when you walk under the sun”. Now I experience that proverb.

Now my friends are just click away in Facebook and call away through phone calls. But FB and mobile phones can’t carry my expressions to them. God keeps blessing me with new faces. But the day I started earning money, I couldn’t find a face that can be an alternate of my friends. I have set certain boundaries beyond which I couldn’t walk away with my colleague friends.

Even though I was a Electrical Student, I chose Software Engineering as my career. I never felt bad for this shift, even though it I could have been earning more bugs as a Electrical Engineer. But know my thinking goes like, I would have been with my friends, if I was into Electrical Erection field.

I don’t know when those days will come back. I don’t know when I can fight with my friends without any reasons. I don’t know when we can stay together. But… I will be waiting for those days to come back in my life.

Miss you my dear friends!

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