Its my turn to say BYE :-)

Life @ Group FMG / BORN…

I will say this is the best part of my life which had a significant & meaningful transformation.

20 months back I stepped into Group FMG with heart full of dreams and hopes about my career. Now I am gonna step out of BORN with pride as my dreams have come true and my hopes have been answered!

I should thank each and every one of you for being part of the reason behind my meaningful days.

I specially thank Nathan who gave me opportunity to work in this wonderful work place. “Be the part of our growth, and I will take care of your growth.” A promise given by him during my interview and he has fulfilled his words in all possible ways. Thank you so much!

I thank Prakash Gurumoorthi, who has inspired me in multiple ways especially by his clarity in speech. Whenever my mind remember his name, my ears used to hear his voice automatically. In addition with my thanks, I request him to apologize me as I haven’t found the answer for his question, “There is something lagging with Flipkart. What is that?” A question you asked all during our induction program.

I thank Nithin, Godson, Dhana, Sridhar, Seetha, Dhanasakthi, Melvin, Sangs, Joel, Arvind and Kalidas under whom I’ve worked. I’ve learnt a lot from you all and I believe that I had been proved myself as a quality resource.

I thank Jacqueline, Nick, Luis and Dom for being helpful to take my works to clients and being supportive enough to interact with clients effectively.

TRIAD, my first project that helped me to prove what I’m capable of to Group FMG folks. Without the support of Narmadha, Muruga Pandi, Prakash, Dheen, Senthil, Suresh, Andrew, Logesh and every one from TRIAD, I would have not delivered my best to the client. I thank each and every one of you.

I should specially thank for his patience while I learnt and code PHP (Actually, I’m a front-end developer). Whenever he calls me, that should be for a tech talk or to mention a mistake I made with my LARAVEL code. He is none other than Karthik. And it was a great experience with Veera, Diva and Guna for the client Blinkx. We were well known for “People who leave office sharply @ 5″ Unfortunately we were not known for our late night calls every (business) day.

Salim, Sam, Inba and Jabir… Without you people, I would have struggled a lot in my job and missed a lot to learn in my profession. You will be remembered as a mentor throughout my life. Thanks a lot!

Digital Operations…
Where I spent most part of my days which introduced Deva, Babin, Bino, Sathish, Pradeep, Senthil, Nalla Muthu, Kiran, Kalaiyarasi, Thandabani, Ajai, Anand, Rakesh and more. Behind every name, there is a story of introduction. Thank you one and all!

In spite of being into Digital Operations, I got chance to work with eCommerce department. That is the place where I found such a supportive and jovial colleagues (actually friends) like Sridhar, Siva, Srittam, Manimaran, Bhanurekha, Manjula, Bala, Tarun, Rakesh, Kaushik, Purush, Poornima, Nalini, Praveen and Archanaa.

“Time has the power to bring anyone back from your past.” You people, Thamarai Selvi, Kokila, Kanagaraj, Sathya, Arumugam, Sathish and Sunel have made this magical words come true. It is my pleasure to have you in my career trek under multiple employers.

I thank Kishore, the one who brought me into FMG, Antony, Uthra, Naveen, Rajitha, Balaji, Salma, Gijo from HR team. You were friendly than I expected. You were jovial than I had assumed. You all people changed my mind-set of how a HR will be. A special thanks for your Greetings mails and appreciation mails which are simply awesome!

I thank Sasi, Munish and every support and admin giants. Without your friendly support, I wouldn’t have tasted my success.

I thank Hem Kumar, Ramesh and every one from Business Development team for your friendly smile whenever we cross each other.

I thank security staffs for offering a warm greetings in every morning and smile greetings in the evening.

Oops, I missed few more.

Vettri, Anandharaj, Thanigai, Raja Mohan. These are all the names of people who have not just been part of my career but also in my personal life. It is my great pleasure to have you all my family circle.

I thank each and everyone from BORN for being part of my MEANINGFUL DAYS and I wish you all the very best!

Don’t forget to drop a smile when we meet again. Time has the power to bring anyone back.