About me

Welcome guest! I am Vel Murugan S and I am neither a  celebrity nor a famous  politician. If still, you have come to this page and spend your valuable time to know about me means, you have come to know about me any where. I would like to express my sincere thanks for spending your valuable time to know few words about me. Well! Let me go ahead.

I’m from backbone of India:

When I mentioned “backbone of India”, there wouldn’t be any dount about my family background. My dad and mom are the ones who take part in making the world alive. Can’t you get my point still? I’m a guy from a pure agricultural background. I born and brought up in a village called Kurumbalaperi located in Tirunelveli district of the State Tamil Nadu ,India.

I was a uncommon average student

Everyone cant be in the first bench in a class. Not all the last bench students will be Knowledge-less. These where the universal truths. But, what about the middle bench students? They will be the guys who had stuff to come forward but never reached their goal in time, still they will never go back and stop their struggle. I’m one among the middle bench students during the school days. I never missed to compatite with the top orders, even though I was thrown away from the game in the end. My spirit toward success gained good name among the teachers in the end and paid me back stuff to struggle hard in my life, which is what we should gain from my school life rather than marks and medals.

I was self-motivated college student

College life! This is what the crucial scenario of every one’s life. During 2004 I was an Engineering student who never spend time by talking English with his friends and family and who never knew what Engineering is all about. The only thing I had known was, its all about “hardwork”. There is no necessity to express the difficulties a Tamil medium student faces in an Engineering degree. I faced all the difficulties and broke all the rules. Finally I stood out of the crowd with the name called “Vel – a hardworker”.

A confused career finder:

When it comes to wearing the right size of socks, I was a bad example again. Basically I was an Electrical Engineer who never liked to touch a PVC cable in the year 2008 . That was also a famous year for recession, especially in the software industry. I was roaming around the Chennai city and worked whatever job I got. I never got a grip on my career until I decided “Web Design” will be the right choice for me. Then I practiced myself and became a “Web Designer” in the year 2009.

A complete application designer:

It had taken four years and I needed three different companies to prove myself a good Application Designer. Currently I’m enjoying my business days in Contus as a Application Designer with a belief of my enjoyment will step forward in the next coming days.

More about me:

I love DADA (Sourav Ganguly) who was my role model since my school days.

I like to spend my time with my friends.

I rarely think of entertainments like movies and hangouts.

I afraid of washing clothes.

My nick names are Ultra, SV, ullu, Paragraph. Behind every name there is a very big story.

(OLD) I still searching for my best pair who will come with me till the end of my life.
(NEW) Finally I found her on 2nd March 2014