8 Good Reasons To Work At Contus

Life at CONTUS! I had never known that my career will experience such a meaningful work days. The moment, I decided to write an article on good reasons to work at Contus, I didn’t even need to recall my earlier days at Contus and search for specialties. But myself restricted the count to just eight, even though there are plenty more which I want you to experience by working at Contus.

In case, Contus is a new word for you, a one line intro about Contus is ”It is a IT company which excels in Mobile & Web Technologies. More info at www.contus.com“.

Note: Even though I properly relieved from Contus, I would like to use the word “we” instead of “they”, as the article is all about my work experience at Contus. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve any kind of official contact with them.

Let me get into the topic. Won’t you?

1. Learn a new, every day

Undoubtedly, learning something  new from our job would be the ultimate expectation for every enthusiastic employee. At Contus, I got opportunity to learn at least one technique every day, through the task I was assigned. It’s all because of the multiple kind of projects in which, we were supposed to work on. For example, I got opportunity to work on WordPress, Magento & jQuery frameworks at the same time. But most of the companies will restrict you into a single technology and you will seldom get change to learn multiple technologies.

2. Not just colleagues but friends

“Friends are whom we get at our college life”. This is what the philosophy I believed before joining into Contus.  But Contus folks broke my philosophy into pieces. You don’t need to be jovial. You don’t need to be open to talk. But, once you join at Contus, your team-mates will make you a jovial guy by helping you in work and through friendly talks. My days went dark, when my friends started moving to overseas. In that time, I realized true friendship with Contus people. I could clearly realize their helping moments, whenever I had tight work schedules. Without them, most of my projects would have crossed the deadlines. One more special thing is, they will never hesitate to share their knowledge. We used to have brainstorming season and sharing our knowledge on trends.

3. Flat organization structure

I’ve seen companies in which, we will never know who is getting business for our company, what is the background of the managers, what is the name of the one who is taking his lunch in the next table at cafeteria. But Contus is an alternative for that kind of companies. It doesn’t mean, it is company with 10 to 20 employees. Even though the total count of employees is 150+, every one will know the rest of company. Whenever you need to approach any one of them, for any kind of reasons, you can. In case, you feel like your reporting person couldn’t get your innovative idea, you may directly go and explain it to your manager. If you want something to changed in the work flow, you have chance to express your opinion to management.

If you can think out of the box, I’m sure that you will never be needed to worry about the communication channel. The one you want to reach will be just a click away and he will be ready to spend his time to hear from you.

4. Guidance from skilled seniors

Guidance. This the biggest problem I faced during the beginning level of my career. Wherever I was supposed to work, I will be the one who share his knowledge. But this will not take us to next level of our career. I spent more than a month to learn WordPress through internet. But I couldn’t find the right way to learn, even though there where plenty of online resources. Once I joined at Contus, I learnt WordPress in just two days (I don’t mean that I became an expert in WordPress). Whatever questions you have, there will be some one to answer that. I learnt WordPress, Magento, HTMl5, CSS3, jQuery and more in just six months. But I couldn’t learn even a single technology in my three years of prior work experience. Without such a skilled seniors, my growth would have been a nightmare. The only thing you should have is learning tendency.

5. Challenging opportunities

I said to my team leader, “Hi, I would like to learn Magento” on a Wednesday. On Friday of that week (two days later from my request), my TL assigned a Magento project and appointed one senior to guide me during week-ends. On next Monday, I completed my task in that project with some bugs. He gave me four more days to learn better and afterwords, I was assigned with many Magento  projects, every projects differed from each other when you compare the scope of work.

I still remember the opportunity I got to work on HTML5 Video plugin development which completely new for me at that stage. That’s the project, through which I could prove my ability in learning new technologies and tendency to adopt myself in tight work schedules. Just like that, every one will get challenges and rest will be about our stuff to come out of the crowd with ease.

6. Assured career growth

At Contus, I clearly find the way they differ in Promotions and appraisals from rest of the companies. Every employee will be supplied with their goal sheet. The goal sheet will clearly tell what Contus expects from them. Employees just need to focus on that goal sheet and every six months employee’s performance will be calculated with the goal sheet. Its all about your personal performance and if it found worth, you will be into next level of your career in every six month of your life.

7. Motivation through awards and recommendations

Salary is not the only constrain that satisfy an employee. Contus management has cleverly known this. Every year, employees  will be motivated through “Start Performer Award” and the performers count  will not be a static one. Instead, all best performer will be awarded though out all departments. This ceremony used to happen on 31st December of every month.

Apart from this, employees have opportunity to participate in writing technical articles for Apptha Blog and forums.

8. Fun & Celebrations whenever it has to happen

Contus would be right place to experience Fun at work. It doesn’t mean that you will have fun activities every day. But it’s the way you work. Simply to say, just assume how your life will be, if you work with your close friends. Jokes, Chit-chats, Comments everything will be shooting out, but nothing will affect the work. That’s the special.

Well! Then the celebrations… We don’t even celebrate the festivals at our home. But Contus never miss even a single one. It starts from New year and end with End day of the year. If you have time, you may visit my FB album which I had snapped during my days at Contus.


Oops! I’ve done with the eight good points. I should conclude then. The points I had declared above are all my personal experience during my days at Contus and I personally recommend you to experience more than what I have pointed out in this article, by working at Contus. In case, you are a working guy / worked at Conus, share more good reasons in the discussion forum below.

Finally I would like to tell one thing that is, “Without Contus, I’m not what I’m today.

Thank you Contus!

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