7 tips to be a successful blogger

In the world of technology, every working professionals sharpen their skill set into multiple domains, relevant to their day-to-day work. Special news about the working professionals is that everyone of us likes to share our knowledge to the world. Impulsive growth of social media is the best justification for that. But, when it comes to sharing our technical skill sets, social media will never be the right target to spend with. The perfect choice will be blogging. My goodness! you, the professionals,  have already heard of the importance of blogging. In the mean time, the strange about blogging is, we rarely find time to write lengthy articles, although we have stuff to come up with trendy articles in our domain. Then do we can become a successful bloggers? The fruitful answer is here.

In this article, I share the easiest and best way to become a successful blogger without interrupting your day to day work.

1. “Blogging” as one of routines

In the speedy life, particularly in metros, we never have time for our hobbies. If you consider blogging as your hobby, I strongly suggest you to stop reading and do some beneficiary works. Blogging should be one of your routines. When we have time for worthless facebook, why cant for blogging? Spare at least one or two hours for blogging. Be it your lunch break, a train journey, evening chitchats. Whatever may be. Order your brain to think of your next article.

2. Fix a deadline

If you still reading this article, you have taken blogging as one of your routines. Good to hear!

Take a pledge of submitting one article with a specific time period. Get committed by saying your friends and colleagues that you will finish an article that particular day. This will isolate you from postponing your article writing for blender reasons.

3. Maintain a calendar

Now you know how much hour you will spend for blogging everyday and the dead line to finish your article. Its time to schedule each and every task of writing an article like topic selection, material collection, rough copy preparation, summarizing, revision. In a big monthly calendar, highlight all the tasks with corresponding time duration.

4. Have a topic list

Picking one of the best topics, out of 10 is quite tough task. More than that, collecting that 10 topic is not an easy job. Striking out of  new topic is like a spark in the brain. It will not stay there for a long time. More than that, you hardly get a topic when you sit with fresh mind to start a new article. So Keep track of a topic list. If you own a smart phone, I ll suggest “gtasks” as best app tool to save all your topic ideas on the go. Believe it or not, It will take just to touch to save a new topic.
Of course! This article topic also one of the listings I have in my gtasks app.

5. Be away from Distraction

A new study says that social networking blocks so many professionals from blogging, even though they have interest. Now if say you to terminate your facebook account, you will definitely terminate your idea of blogging. Instead of that, what I suggest you is to stay away from your computer for the time in which you had decided to spend for blogging. Don’t worry! You will never loss your loved one’s news feeds and tweets by logging out of your social sites for few minutes.

6. Keep writing till the end

Still reading this article! Great!!! You are almost qualified to be a successful blogger. One more annoying thing for article writing is stuck with content flow in the middle. I used to suggest bloggers to never stop writing an article until they bring all their knowledge in that topic. Once you finish writing whatever you know on that topic, you can fine-tune the content by filtering it with important topics that should be shared. Check the completed article with the following conditions:

a. Does the article cover all the important points?
b. Is the content flow uniform?

7. Read louder to find mistakes

Well done dude! You have finished writing your article in time with perfect flow of content. Its time to find out careless mistakes that every one of us make. Even scientists too make mistakes! As mentioned, read your article louder in front of a mirror. This is the best and easiest way of finding mistakes like grammar, punctuation, sentence formation and all.


If a professional follow the steps explained in this article, there is no doubt on coming up with interesting blogs from him. I believe that you all enjoyed this article and found informative and a spark has born on you to start writing articles.  I’m eager to hear valuable suggestions and feedback from you all.

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