Its my turn to say BYE :-)

Life @ Group FMG / BORN…

I will say this is the best part of my life which had a significant & meaningful transformation.

20 months back I stepped into Group FMG with heart full of dreams and hopes about my career. Now I am gonna step out of BORN with pride as my dreams have come true and my hopes have been answered!

I should thank each and every one of you for being part of the reason behind my meaningful days.

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வேலை தேடி… வேலையாளை தேடி…

காலை 11.30. வழக்கமான வேலை நாள்.

தண்ணீர், NOTEPAD, அதன் மேல் ஒரு பேனா, மாத நாட்காட்டி மேலும் சில அலங்கார பொருட்களால் சூழப்பட்ட என் கணிணியில் நான் வேலை செய்துகொண்டு இருந்தேன்.

திடிரென்று என் கைபேசி சிணுங்கியது…

“மச்சி என்னோட கம்பெனி-ல Front-end Developer-கு opening இருக்கு. HR எவ்ளோ try பண்ணாலும் நல்ல profile கிடைக்க மாட்டிக்குதாம். யாராச்சும் refer பண்ண சொல்றாங்க.”, என்று சொல்லிக்கொண்டே தொடர்ந்தான்…

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2015 Monthly Calendar

Monthly Calendar 2015

Time to Thank My Special People Who are Behind My Career Trek

Coming out of college with a job offer is a blessing of god. I had been blessed with that gift. Just assume how much happy I would have been. But my bad luck, the job offer was from a BPO company which would give offer letter even to a school student for the same position. The moment I came to know about that news, my vision on my career went black. I seriously had no clue on what my future gotta be. I was needed to kick start my job hunting which is harder than a freedom struggle in these days.

Now I’m happy about what I’m today. There are plenty of people behind this who have supported, motivated, guided and helped me to reach this position. I would like to make the world know who they are. And the people are…

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8 Good Reasons To Work At Contus

Life at CONTUS!I had neverknown that my career will experience such a meaningful work days. The moment, I decided to write an article on good reasons to work at Contus, I didn’t even need to recall my earlier days at Contus and search for specialties. But myself restricted the count to just eight, even though there are plenty more which I want you to experience by working at Contus.

In case, Contus is a new word for you, a one line intro about Contus is”It is a IT company which excels in Mobile & Web Technologies. More info at“.

Note: Even though I properly relieved from Contus, I would like to use the word “we” instead of “they”, as the article is all about my work experience at Contus. But it doesn’t mean that I’ve any kind of official contact with them.

Let me get into the topic. Won’t you?

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7 Stages Involved Behind Launching A Successful Website

“Create website in just 2 mins”, “Drag and drop your website”. These are all the advertisements, you could have been seen every day. Have you ever thought of what are all the steps involved behind a launch of successful website; A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE. With hands-off experience of 4+ years into web development projects,I would like to spare my time by explaining variousprocessinvolvedin designingasuccessfulwebsite. Let me start with the first stage that’s “Competitor Analysis”. Continue Reading

4 Ultimate Factors That Empty My Wallet In My Chennai Life

Empty Wallets

“Marriage? I would like to think about it two more years later. Because I will be financially fit to start my marriage life.” This is what my college friend’s words. In the mean time, when I had visited my native and met my school friend who was dropped outof education during school life, his words was, “Life is going smooth. She takes care of my children, family support is one more plus for me”. But both friends are in same age category. One guy afraid to take charge of family life when the another one enjoys it. The one who afraid of future earns more than the another, who don’t even have a regular income. What goes wrong between these two?Undoubtedlythe place where they live. URBAN Vs VILLAGE.

From my past five years of life at Chennai, I refined what things going wrong at urban life. Whenever I visit my home town, which is a village belongs to Tirunelveli District, I could cleverly differentiate my life style from village and urban. In this article, I would like to express four ultimate factors that empty my wallet in my Chennai life. Let me go ahead!

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My days without my close friends

My life! It has been majorly with my friends, inspite of spending with my family , especially after my college life. I’m sure that I wouldn’t have beenwritingthis article, if I was spending this weekend with my friends. Yes, my recent days are moving without my friends. Time and situation has taken my friends fare away from me. I never felt disturbed when my weekends where with my friends. But this weekend, I feel alone.

I’ve been surrounded withneighbors. They smile at me every morning. They tries to be a friend of me. But I couldn’t match them with my friends. I had been isolated from my friends, when they where with me. I had engaggedmyself in multiple works when they where forcing to take me away for hangouts. Now I could feel how much I have missed them.

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Electrical Safety Rules That Every One Of Us Should Be Aware Of

Importance of Electricity in our day to day life has been in its maximum. We cant imagine a day with routine works without usage of Electrical Power. It indirectly leads every human being to be a users Electrical Energy. Its essential for every one of us to know the electrical safety rules and decided to share that rules which I found in my new year diary last night. Well, let me get into the topic. Continue Reading

7 tips to be a successful blogger

In the world of technology, every working professionals sharpen their skill set into multiple domains, relevant to their day-to-day work. Special news about the working professionals is that everyone of us likes to share our knowledge to the world. Impulsive growth of social media is the best justification for that. But, when it comes to sharing our technical skill sets, social media will never be the right target to spend with. The perfect choice will be blogging. My goodness! you, the professionals, have already heard of the importance of blogging. In the mean time, the strange about blogging is, werarely find time to write lengthy articles, although we have stuff to come up with trendy articles in our domain. Then do we can become a successful bloggers? The fruitful answer is here. Continue Reading